In this article, we give you the best advice for maintaining your concrete basin.


To maintain your concrete basin , you must take advantage of natural solutions. Use real Marseille soap diluted with water. Regularly clean your concrete basin using a soft sponge and a clean, dry microfiber cloth or cotton cloth for drying.

Why use natural solutions to clean my concrete basin?
Your concrete basin has a second skin which ensures its impermeability. It is important to preserve this second skin by banishing products that can wear down its waterproofing power.


To keep the second skin of your concrete basin intact, it is important to follow our recommendations. You must ban abrasive sponges and metal brushes from your maintenance routine, otherwise you risk scratching the second skin of your concrete basin. Also banish for the maintenance of your concrete basin the bleach , the cif , the anti-lime products, the white vinegar , the lemon .

Beware of hair dyes, nail polish, solvents and residues of cosmetic products.

Also be careful not to drop objects into your basin, otherwise a shine will appear on the surface of the treatment. Then the second skin of your basin will no longer play its role.

Why should corrosive products and abrasive sponges be banned from cleaning my concrete basin?
Corrosive products and abrasive sponges can damage the second skin of your concrete basin. Then your basin will no longer be waterproof.


Every six months, apply Carnauba wax inside your concrete basin using a clean, dry micro-fiber. Place a dab of Carnauba wax on the surface, spread to create a thin layer. Leave for a few minutes then buff with a clean, dry micro-fiber.

Why use carnauba wax in my concrete sink?
Carnauba wax comes from the leaves of a palm tree located partly in northeast Brazil. It will accentuate the water-repellent power of the second skin of your concrete basin.

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